About Me

Hi! I’m Courtney, and I’m the creator and writer of IWatchThemGrow.com.

I’m a graphic designer, a busy mom of 3 little girls, and wife to my wonderful husband of 10 years.

My greatest passion is my family, and my personal mission is to capture our memories and appreciate the beauty in everyday life.

My purpose with this blog is to help others do the same.

What This Website Is All About

Since my first daughter was born, I’ve been on a mission to document her life, and her sisters that followed.

One day, when they’re all grown up, they might love to reminisce over their childhood photos or videos.

One day, when I’m old and not so busy, I might love to look over all my photos and videos and crafts of my children, and savor the sweet memories they bring back.

But I don’t just document my kids’ lives for those days. I also do it for today.

Today I want to notice the way the sunlight is making my daughter’s curl glow. Today I want to notice how much taller my daughter is than last week, when she couldn’t reach the light switch. Today I want to see how small my daughter’s hand is when I hold it in mine.

The thing is, being a mom is hard. Really hard. Sometimes you might wish you were in a different stage of life so that things would be easier — wishing your baby was walking already, wishing your toddler was past the tantrum phase, and so on.

But pausing to see the beauty in everyday life, how it is right now, and documenting that life, helps us to live in the moment and to appreciate where we are instead of wishing it away.

I hear babies cry, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more, than I’ll ever know
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
— Louis Armstrong

Isn’t that song the best? It’s about seeing the beauty that’s all around us, in the small, magnificent details, and really appreciating it. Even when babies cry, and even because babies cry. I mean, imagine how happy we would all be if we walked around with this perspective all day! For me, this is what brings me happiness.

I find that pulling out my camera is the perfect way to pause and see the beauty, to be able to reflect on it later, and also to share that happiness with others.

That is the power of documenting our children’s lives.

If that speaks to you, take a look at what you’ll find here on I Watch Them Grow and what you’ll gain from reading this blog.


Here you’ll find practical tips for moms with a camera, photography inspiration, project ideas, printables and more.


Crafts are an awesome way to spend quality time with our children and develop their creativity, while creating a wonderful keepsake to cherish when they’re all grown up. Here, you’ll find craft tutorials, ideas, tips and inspiration.


Parties are all about celebrating life, and they don’t need to be expensive or stressful. I share kids’ birthday party ideas, tips and printables that are easy and affordable, plus my own kids’ parties where I show you exactly how I pulled them off.


This is where all of the I Watch Them Grow printables are lumped together for you to find them easily. I create printables and free downloads for parties, crafts, photography projects and various uses for my readers to enjoy.

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