This is so sweet! I'm so doing this for my baby's first Christmas!

Baby Footprint Art Personalized Gift (Free Printable!)

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I designed this baby footprint art with the sweet quote “I have so much of you in my heart” by John Keats, and I’m sharing it as a FREE printable, so all you have to do is add your baby’s footprint!

This is so sweet! I'm so doing this for my baby's first Christmas! - Baby footprint art free printable from

This would be a wonderful personalized gift for family on baby’s first Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even as a sweet Valentine from baby!

This is so sweet! I'm so doing this for my baby's first Christmas!

This handmade gift is so easy! The hardest part will be getting your baby’s footprints on the paper. Read this tutorial with my tips for baby footprints, print extra copies of the free printable, and you’ll be all set to finish this gift in no time and no sweat.

This is so sweet! I'm so doing this for my baby's first Christmas!

(To see how to reuse your baby’s footprints for many different crafts like this one, take at look at my tutorial here.)

Baby Footprint Art Tutorial


  • washable paint, in the color of your choice
  • craft sponge brush
  • plain white paper (for footprint practice)
  • white card stock paper (standard 8.5×11 inch)
  • a color printer
  • a document frame or 8×10 picture frame
  • scissors or paper trimmer, if trimming to 8×10

Step 1.

Print the free printable quote art – as many copies as you will gift, plus one or two extras in case of mishaps.

This is so sweet! I'm so doing this for my baby's first Christmas!

Step 2.

Prep your area — plain paper, quote art, paint and brush laid out on a hard surface.

Prep your baby — good mood or sleeping, remove pants and socks.

Prep the wash up supplies — a sink of warm soapy water, towel etc.

Step 3.

Do a dry run and put your baby’s clean foot on the quote art, so you know where you’re going to place it when painted.

Step 4.

Using the sponge brush, apply paint to the bottom of one of your baby’s feet.

Make sure all of the skin is covered, especially the toes, without making it too thick. You want color with footprint lines, not a blob of paint.

Step 5.

Do a test print on the plain paper, to see how much paint you need and practice your stamping technique.

If your baby’s toes are curled up, give the foot a very gentle shake to relax their muscles.

Holding your baby’s foot securely, press the heel onto the paper and roll to the toes. Make sure there is enough pressure to transfer the paint and then lift quickly so the paint doesn’t smudge.

Step 6.

Re-apply the right amount of paint after your test, and stamp the first foot onto the quote art on an angle to create half of the heart shape.

Repeat with the other foot, overlapping and creating a heart shape with the two footprints.

Don’t stress if it’s not perfect. You can try doing another copy if it didn’t turn out well, but little smudges and imperfections aren’t a big deal. Mine definitely isn’t perfect, but I love it anyway 🙂

Step 7.

Wash your baby’s feet. Let the footprints dry completely.

Step 8.

Write your baby’s name, and age or the date if you want, on the front or back of the footprint art (depending if you want it to be visible or hidden). Then put the footprint art into a document frame, or trim to size and put in an 8×10 picture frame.

That’s it! Wrap it up and give it to someone special, or hang it on your own wall 🙂

>> Download the free printable quote art here.

Would you like this printable in any of these other colors? (Red, dark grey, blue and pink) They’re free too!

FootprintQuoteArtThumb-Red FootprintQuoteArtThumb-Grey

FootprintQuoteArtThumb-Blue FootprintQuoteArtThumb-Pink

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I hope you enjoy this free printable baby footprint art! If you have any questions I’m happy to answer 🙂


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