25 Photo Ideas for Capturing Your Family’s Christmas

Christmas is always a whirlwind of activity and memories being made, but with a busy schedule it's tough to remember to capture those moments in photos. So many times when looking over my own Christmas photos I realize I only captured a fraction of what went down. It's usually the Santa visit and the present [...]

25 Unique Frozen Gift Ideas

If you have a little Frozen fan on your Christmas list this year, take a look at these 25 unique Frozen gift ideas! With three little Frozen fans of my own, I’ve got the inside scoop on delightful Frozen swag, and I’m loving finding Frozen gift ideas for Christmas this year. I found 25 handmade and unique gifts [...]

A Halloween Story in Photos

Our Halloween was so much fun this year, and I took my own advice and captured it in photos. We made a Halloween craft, made Halloween cookies, picked pumpkins, carved pumpkins, went trick-or-treating, and of course, ate candy! I'm sharing my favorite photos of our Halloween this year -- I hope they tell the story of [...]

Tips for Great Halloween Costume Photos

With all the excitement and busy-ness of Halloween, it's so easy NOT to get a great photo of your child in their Halloween costume. Don't let that happen again this year! Set aside a little bit of time to get some GREAT photos of your child in their costume. You'll want to capture some details of [...]

How to Capture Halloween: 13 Great Halloween Photo Ideas (and Free Printable Checklist)

Halloween is such a fun time of the year and there's so many memories to capture! Keep your camera handy, along with this printable list of great Halloween photo ideas, to make sure you capture the holiday for your family. Growing up, my mom took a picture of us kids in our costumes right before [...]