First Day of School Interview (Free Printable)

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Do you have a kid starting kindergarten? Then you’ll want to grab this free printable first day of school interview! It’s packed with fun questions that will make for an incredibly sweet keepsake!

Free printable first day of school interview for kindergarten - this will be such a cute keepsake!!

My middle daughter T is starting Kindergarten this year… wow I can barely believe it as I write it! Sometimes I feel like the days are a slow struggle until bedtime, and yet my kids seem to be growing up too fast. I wish I could rewind the clock and relive those younger baby and toddler days. They’re sweeter to me now than they felt at the time ;).

But time marches on, the kids keep growing (as they should), and so I capture the memories in the little ways I can. I take pictures, make keepsake crafts with them, and just try to soak it all in every day.

I know so many moms feel the same way, and I’m guessing since you’re reading this you do too! So as part of my mission to capture my kid’s childhoods and help you do the same, I made this interview for that incredibly special milestone of starting kindergarten.

First Day of School Interview

I created this interview to capture all the details about your little one on their first day of kindergarten. From important info like the teacher’s name, to questions that record that little personality, this interview creates a completely adorable memory of your child on their first day of school.

The cute favorites list is always a hit with kindergartners, because they love to talk about their favorite things.

I especially love the spots for the child to write their own name and draw their own self portrait. Their writing and drawing will really improve over the school year, so this a great way to capture the cuteness before it’s gone, and to see that change as well.

Click here to download: First Day of Kindergarten Interview

UPDATE: I’ve also posted the first day of school interview for Grades 1-8! Click here for these grades: Back to School Interview

Find the Printable Last Day of School Interviews here!


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  1. I love these! I am just getting this started with my son in kindergarten. I am one of consistency and want everything to look the same. Is there anyway you will be making HS ones with the same format? I would love to finish out his keepsake box with this format!

  2. Do you by chance have an editable version of this for Kindergarten? I just love it but would love to change it to A Picture of me instead of a drawing of me. Thanks so much!! Paula

  3. Hi Courtney, Do you have this for the last day of each grade as well? Thanks!! – Vanessa

      1. Thank you so much Courtney! I really appreciate it! They are so cute and my daughters love doing these! 🙂

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