Back to School Interview (Grades 1 – 8)

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Last month I shared a free printable first day of Kindergarten interview, and I’m happy to say that many readers wanted the interview for more grades, so I’ve shared those as well! You can now grab a free printable back to school interview for grades 1-8.


If you didn’t see the Kindergarten one, I’ll fill you in, because if you have a school aged child you’re going to want to do this interview with them!

I’ve crammed as much fun questions and interesting info as I could into this one-sheet interview.

There’s a section to record your kid’s favorite things, a spot for them to write their name and draw a self portrait (so cute right?!), and some really fun open-ended questions as well. Plus there’s the essential back-to-school info like the teacher’s name, that will be great to hold onto over the years.


This interview is a fun little back-to-school activity, and if you make it a tradition you’ll have a wonderful record of your kid’s personal growth and change over the years.

Click the link below to download all the grade interviews you need. Enjoy the sweet answers and a special keepsake!

Back To School Interview – Free Printables

Find the Printable Last Day of School Interviews here


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