Printable Gold Leaf Birthday Photo Signs

Every parent takes pictures of their kid on their birthday - blowing out the candles, opening presents - but it's really nice to have a portrait of your child on or near their birthday too. These free printable birthday photo signs are perfect for birthday portraits that you can share with family, and include in your photo [...]

Birthday Photo Chalkboard – Free Printables!

I'm really excited to share with you these birthday photo chalkboard printables! They're for a special portrait of your little one on their birthday (or close to it). Birthday photos with a chalkboard with your little one's age are perfect for giving out to family, and adding to your scrapbook, photobook or photo album. These are 8x10 inches [...]

9 devious tactics to get your preschooler to cooperate with pictures

It's a struggle to get my preschooler to cooperate with pictures, and if you can relate then you need to read this! I’ve developed some downright devious tactics to get my preschooler to cooperate with pictures, and even like it! Follow these 9 steps and your preschooler will be cooperating with pictures for you too! [...]