Faux Polaroid Photoshop Tutorial

Today I'm sharing a faux Polaroid Photoshop tutorial for a fun photo display! The first camera I ever had was a Polaroid (holy nostalgia!) so when I found out I could create a faux Polaroid picture with my digital photos, I was a bit excited 🙂 Originally I made these faux Polaroids to display at my daughter’s [...]

Watch Me Grow Baby’s First Year Photo Project

If you’re expecting or have a newborn, this baby's first year photo project is for you! This easy photography project uses just one photo per month to show the crazy growth and changes your baby will have in their first year. It’s easy for a new mom to accomplish, and is such a great way to [...]

First and Last Day of Preschool Photos

Now that my eldest is approaching Kindergarten, I am looking back at her first and last day of preschool photos and reminiscing about how small she was, not very long ago. I treasure having the first day of school and last day of school pictures to remember that special time. It's amazing to compare the [...]

5 Year Old Birthday Photo Shoot

I took my daughter out for her 5 year old birthday shoot and I love the photos we captured. I can’t believe it my oldest daughter is already 5! Soon she'll be starting Kindergarten -- she's excited and I'm excited, but I'm not too sure how we'll feel when the first day comes! There may [...]

Budget Friendly Princess Party Ideas

If you're looking for budget friendly princess party ideas, take a look at this birthday princess party that I put together for just $26! This princess party was easy on the budget and simple to decorate while still having a fairy tale ambiance. The pink, blue and gold color scheme came together like a dream. Most items came [...]