How to Do Everything On Your Christmas To Do List

Facing a big Christmas to do list this year? Find out the secret to doing everything you want to and have your best Christmas yet. It’s that exciting time of the year when the holidays are approaching, and as you become inspired with all the exciting ideas that everyone is talking and blogging about, you wonder [...]

How to Throw a Fabulous (and Frugal) Frozen Birthday Party

This fabulous and frugal DIY Frozen birthday party was decorated entirely from free printables, dollar store items, and items I already owned. The food and decorations were all DIY and frugal except for the ice cream cake. I'll show you the decorations, food, party favors and games that you can use in your own DIY Frozen [...]

Make Fun Halloween Photos of Your Kids

I didn't plan on making these fun Halloween photos before I took them, but that's the best part about editing right? I just tried to get some nice photos of my girls in their Halloween costumes this year… and it turned out to be quite a challenge! Especially getting all three in the same picture? Forget [...]

How to Keep On Top of Your Photos (A Photo Workflow That Works!)

If you take a lot of pictures like I do, it can be overwhelming what to do with them all after they're taken. Many people just leave them stored on their camera’s memory card, to be forgotten and never printed, which is a shame. In order to keep on top of your digital photos, you [...]