Watercolor Rainbow Party

I’m so excited to share with you my watercolor rainbow party! It’s colorful and pretty and full of easy DIY ideas! My daughter requested a rainbow party for her 5th birthday, but without any orange because she doesn’t like orange. Ummm, okay, challenge accepted I guess! So I started creating decorations with a pretty watercolor [...]

10 Christmas Tradition Gifts

As a Christmas tradition lover myself, I’m excited to share 10 glorious gift ideas for those equally inclined to adore the holiday traditions of old. I’m talking wassail, wood sleds and warm candles all aglow! All of these gifts can be purchased on Etsy Marketplace, from small shop owners who either handmade or discovered these [...]

Kid’s Footprint Stepping Stone Gift Idea

Hey guys! Remember when I shared the kid's footprint stepping stone I made with my girls? Well I thought I'd share our latest stone with you that we made this year, with some new tips! Kid's Footprint Stepping Stone We used another mosaic stepping stone kit from Michael's Craft Store, which was a bit bigger and [...]

Handprint T-Shirt Father’s Day Gift

I made this dotted handprint t-shirt with my girls for their daddy's birthday present, and it would make a fantastic Father's Day gift too! Our Daddy is a t-shirt and shorts 365 kinda guy, so the girls love making him special t-shirts they get to create, and they're so proud whenever he wears them. One [...]