Rainbow party activities - painting rainbows

Rainbow Party Activity Ideas

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If you’re planning a rainbow party, I recommend these rainbow party activity ideas! They were perfect for our watercolor rainbow party for my daughter’s 5th birthday, the guests loved them!

These party activities and favor ideas will help you make your rainbow party planning a breeze! Check out my Rainbow Party Ideas and Rainbow Party Treats posts for even more party planning made easy!

Rainbow Party Activities

Our party guests ranged from 4 to 8 years old and they all enjoyed these rainbow party activities. I loved that they could enjoy doing them at the party, and then take them home as part of their party favors! 2 in 1 bonus!

Painting Rainbows

Why not paint the rainbow for a rainbow party activity? I bought a small, inexpensive art canvas for each guest, and before the party I drew a rainbow and clouds onto each one in pencil.

Rainbow party activities - painting rainbows

The kids used watercolor paint palettes full of colors, and created beautiful, unique rainbow paintings.

Check out all of the easy DIY ideas in this beautiful watercolor rainbow party!

Each guest had a different colored paint brush, which added to our rainbow party colors!

Rainbow party activities - painting rainbows
Rainbow party activities - painting rainbows

The rainbow outline gave the kids a nice guide while leaving plenty of space for them to make it their own. They each chose different colors and embellished the sky to their liking. This activity was a big hit!

Making Rainbow Bead Necklaces

Let the kids make their own rainbow bead necklace or bracelet for a fun rainbow party activity with a built-in party favor!

Check out all of the easy DIY ideas in this beautiful watercolor rainbow party!

I bought a multipack of rainbow colored plastic beads and some silver elastic string. Before the party, I cut an appropriate length of string for each guest, and also set out letter beads for each guest to add their name if they wanted to.

Rainbow party activity ideas - making rainbow bead necklaces

Before adding the beads, tie on a knot on one end of the string to keep the beads on it. After adding the beads, tie a knot in the other end. If the string is large enough or stretchy enough, tie the two ends together well so the necklace or bracelet can just pull on and off without tying each time.

Rainbow party activity ideas - making rainbow bead necklaces

Again, this was a pretty inexpensive activity that needed only a little prep, and yet the kids had a great time getting creative and making their own jewelry to take home and wear with pride.

Pop the Balloon Game

Not just a rainbow party activity, this is a fun game that works for any kids party! For our rainbow party we used balloons in all the rainbow colors to match the theme.

Grab a package of multi-colored balloons, and set out one balloon for each guest. Stretch the balloon open and insert a small, wrapped hard candy or other prize. Next, blow up the balloon to a medium inflation (don’t overfill or it will pop easily) and tie it.

To play, give each guest a balloon and tell them they have to pop it with their body to get their surprise! They will stomp, sit on and roll over their balloons while giggling, and everyone cheers when they pop!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of this game, but can’t you just picture the hilarity?! It’s fun to play and to watch!

Rainbow Party Favor Ideas

A few of our rainbow party activities gave us built-in party favors — the guests took home their canvas rainbow paintings and their bead necklaces.

So I thought I would share a few more rainbow party favor ideas for you since you may be interested! At our party we also gave out rainbow heart bracelets, rainbow candy bracelets, and a bag of rainbow sprinkle birthday popcorn.

Check out all of the easy DIY ideas in this beautiful watercolor rainbow party!

Here’s 10 More Rainbow Party Favor Ideas:

  1. Stationary with Rainbows (pencil, pen, note pad)
  2. Rainbow stickers
  3. Temporary Rainbow tattoos
  4. Rainbow hair accessories
  5. A package of crayons, felts or paints
  6. Rainbow-colored candies (such as Skittles)
  7. Rainbow jewelry
  8. A rainbow craft project (such as a trinket box)
  9. Rainbow bath salts
  10. Rainbow candy bark

The rainbow party activity signs, water bottle wrappers and more rainbow party printables are available in my shop here.

I hope these party activities and favor ideas help you in planning your own amazing rainbow party! If you have any more ideas, I’d love to hear them, just post a comment below!

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  • Natalie February 1, 2023 at 5:48 pm

    Where did you purchase the beads and letters??

    • Courtney February 10, 2023 at 11:36 am

      I bought them at my local dollar store in the craft section 🙂

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