first and last day of preschool photos ~

First and Last Day of Preschool Photos

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Now that my eldest is approaching Kindergarten, I am looking back at her first and last day of preschool photos and reminiscing about how small she was, not very long ago. I treasure having the first day of school and last day of school pictures to remember that special time. It’s amazing to compare the changes that happen before our eyes, slowly enough that we don’t notice day to day, but incredible when you look at them side by side.

This is the picture I snapped of her very first day at preschool when she was just over 3. I had just returned to work from my maternity leave with baby T, and I didn’t plan on being there for her first day, but I decided to take an early lunch break and meet her at the preschool when my mom was dropping her off. I grabbed a quick shot with my cell phone before she went inside. She was very excited 🙂

First Day of Preschool Photo ~ I Watch Them Grow

This photo is the one I took on her last day of preschool that year in June (it was costume dress up day and it was raining, hence the interesting outfit lol!) It’s crazy how much they change in one school year, especially at this age.

Last Day of Preschool Photo ~ I Watch Them Grow

For her second year at preschool I was much more prepared. I scoped out a free first day of school chalkboard printable online, framed it with an extra frame I had, and took some pictures at the front door before leaving for her first day of preschool that year.

First Day of Preschool Photo ~ I Watch Them Grow

I used the matching free printable sign for the last day of preschool and took pictures at the front door again – which was amazing to see her growth relative to the door knob!

Last Day of Preschool Photo ~ I Watch Them Grow

I plan on using the same printable sign set for her first day of kindergarten and last day of kindergarten as well. (Thanks Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road blog!) Here’s a side by side comparison of the first and last day of preschool photos:

Great idea! First and last day of preschool photos using a free printable sign. Do it every year and this will make an awesome photo project by graduation!

And this September, baby T will be starting her very first day at preschool so I’ll have to grab of photo of that as well! There is a saying, “the days are long and the years are short”, and as I look back at these school photos I find that absolutely true.


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