Halloween photo ideas - pumpkin picking

How to Capture Halloween: 13 Great Halloween Photo Ideas (and Free Printable Checklist)

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Halloween is such a fun time of the year and there’s so many memories to capture! Keep your camera handy, along with this printable list of great Halloween photo ideas, to make sure you capture the holiday for your family.

13 Great Halloween Photo Ideas and a free printable checklist!

Growing up, my mom took a picture of us kids in our costumes right before we headed out the door to trick or treat, and that’s it. I have no photos of all the other fun stuff we used to do for Halloween, just vague memories. Of course I don’t blame her, film was expensive. But since I’m blessed with digital photography, I love to take lots of photos of my kids at Halloween to capture the holiday and their memories.

Take a look at this list of 13 great Halloween photo ideas (and print the checklist if you like) so that you can capture all of your family’s Halloween memories too!

1. Putting up Halloween decorations

Halloween photo ideas - Halloween lights and decorations

Do your kids love to help put up Halloween decorations? Make sure you take a picture of it in action! This way you can capture their joy and your family’s holiday traditions.

2. Looking at Halloween decorations

Whether your child is afraid, mesmerized, or enchanted by Halloween decorations, take a photo of their expression to capture their experience and how the holiday looks from their perspective.

3. Making Halloween treats


If you make Halloween cut-out cookies, gummy eyeballs, roasted pumpkin seeds or other Halloween treats, take a photo of your child helping out to document this special holiday memory.

4. Making Halloween crafts

If your kids love making Halloween crafts as much as mine do, you’ll want to get a photo of their holiday craftiness! Tell a mini-story with photos of the raw materials, the making in action, and the finished craft.

5. Picking out pumpkins

Halloween photo ideas - pumpkin picking

Going to the pumpkin patch is a great time to take photos, but even if your family buys pumpkins from the supermarket take a photo of it! It’s an important part of your Halloween story.

6. Carving pumpkins

Halloween photo ideas - pumpkin carving

The messiness of carving pumpkins is all part of the season and deserves to be captured! My little ones love to scoop out the goop, and then draw faces on their pumpkins for my husband and I to carve. Get some photos of your child’s expressions and close-ups of the pumpkin carving.

If your family paints pumpkins instead of carving, be sure to get some photos of it! You are capturing YOUR family’s Halloween memories, whatever they happen to be.

7. Lighting jack-o-lanterns

Halloween photo ideas - Lit Jack-o-lantern

It’s time to show off and record your child’s finished masterpiece, because real pumpkins rot but photos last a lifetime. Turn off the lights to take photos of your lit-up jack-o-lantern, and photos of your child admiring it. Jack-o-lantern photos can be tricky, so take a look at this post for some great tips: Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Photos

8. Putting on Halloween costumes and makeup

When your child finally gets to put on their costume and makeup, snap a few photos of the excitement and the process — it’s a great addition to your family’s Halloween story!

9. Wearing Halloween costumes

Halloween photo ideas - Halloween costume photos

Once the Halloween costume is on, be sure to take a photo or two before heading off to a party or trick-or-treating. You’ll want photos that capture the great details of the costume and show how much your child loves it too! Read my tips for great Halloween costume photos here.

10. Enjoying Halloween party food

Halloween food is such a fun part of the holiday, so take some photos of your child enjoying it! Whether they’re helping to make it, gobbling it up or are too grossed out to eat it, photos of their reactions will capture those delicious memories.

11. Trick or treating

Halloween photo ideas - trick or treating

If trick or treating is a big part of your Halloween festivities, don’t forget to take photos! I know it can be tricky getting pictures in the dark while your child is racing to neighbors’ houses, and you’re trying to keep up and make sure they stay off the lawn, BUT it is possible to get good trick-or-treating photos if you follow a few simple tips.

12. Holding up Halloween candy

Halloween candy is the big prize of the holiday, and with it’s bright colors and nostalgic potential it deserves to be captured in photos! Photos of your child’s huge pile of candy, and their triumphant face, will be a highlight in your photo book.

13. Eating Halloween candy

Get some photos of your child enjoying their favorite candies — chocolate chins, blue tongues and all — for the perfect conclusion to your family’s Halloween story.

I hope these Halloween photo ideas will help you capture your family’s memories this year, and I wish you a Happy Halloween!

Do you have any other Halloween photo ideas you would add to this list? Share it with a comment below!

You can print the free checklist of all 13 photo ideas for easy reference: Halloween Photo Checklist

Halloween Photo Ideas - Free Printable Checklist


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